Do you want to get your staff back to work quicker?

Whether its a one off referral or in-house physiotherapy we can help your staff with musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).

Early referral enables treatment to start immediately, with no waiting to see the GP needed. Physiotherapy assessment and treatment, with fitness to work advice and rehabilitation linked to work demands facilitating a quicker return to work.

We are physiotherapists with specialist knowledge of occupational health and have a proven track record of rehabilitation within occupational settings.
  •  Work hardening to get fit for work 
  •  Warm up and post stretching advice for manual jobs 
  •  Posture, ergonomic and DSE assessments
  •  Classes to promote return to work eg Pilates, knee school 
  •  Counselling services for those who need emotional support

We can come out and discuss your individual situation, as each business has unique requirements and research suggests that every £1 invested returns £4-10 by getting employees back to work quicker!

Please contact Linda Guy either by email or phone 01924 368799 and find out how we can assist you.