We have received the following testimonials in our recent Customer Survey:

"I have found my treatment by Linda very beneficial and also very enjoyable. Thank you Linda." - BH

"I remembered using Orchard Physiotherapy a few years ago for whiplash. Having had positive results previously, I have every confidence this time with my sports injury. Great ankle and exercise programme and much improved in 3 weeks." - Anon

"I cannot recommend Linda enough.  Having seen 5 Physiotherapists over the past 12 months, she has been the only one to give me the results I wanted.  Her Pilates classes are individually tailored and proved an excellent challenge for each person.  Easily the best Physio I have met." - AK

"The physiotherapy and follow-up Pilates classes have transformed my attitude to physical exercise.  Apart from the fact that the pain has gone and I am physically stronger, I feel positive about taking on new exercise challenges.  Professional, caring, friendly experts." - PF

"Started Pilates classes four years ago.  Friendly non-threatening environment but excellent supervision.  Thoroughly recommend the Pilates classes to anyone interested." - Anon    

"I benefit greatly from attending Pilates classes and love the fact that I am given instruction personally as well as collectively.  A very friendly class and an equally friendly and knowledgeable instructor." - YJ

"Wish I had ‘found’ The Orchard Physiotherapy Centre and Pilates years ago. Individual supervision and instruction at every level.  Peaceful surroundings with cheerful, friendly, positive professionals and small group instruction. Pilates has given me improved mobility and a sense of mental well-being and achievement – excellent all-round care!" - MH

"Have used your services for a number of years and I have always been very satisfied." - LO

"Initially, I was directed to Linda by a back specialist after an injury at work.  Following a lot of physiotherapy, Pilates also became part of my treatment.  I returned to work well over 12 months ago and continue to practise Pilate’ weekly.  Once past the pre-(mis)conception that Pilates is only for ‘ladies of a certain age’, I realised the physical benefits and sense of well-being are more than worth pursuing." - XR

"A very good service all round, Pilates is particularly good." - IH

"Brilliant Pilates classes! Really helping me to get stronger and overcome my shoulder problems.  Thank you Linda." - AH

Older testimonials:

"I have the pleasure of attending one of her (Linda Guy's) Pilates classes each week. The group is small which allows Mrs Guy to spend much one to one time with each member of the class, a real bonus." - IH (Wakefield)

"I came to see Linda over 12 months ago as I was suffering lower back pain almost every day. After a massage session Linda suggested that I might benefit from joining her Pilates class. I have been going once a week ever since and now I rarely ever get any problems. Also I feel much fitter." - TB (Wakefield)